Author Rusty Kuhn

Pastor, Author, Father, Husband ~  Pastor Rusty Kuhn has had the great privilege of pastoring three churches throughout his ministry and is the founding pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Picayune, Mississippi.  He has been teaching and preaching the biblical principles found in this book since 1997.

Why Rusty Wrote Reclaiming the Land

For the past several years, God has given me the burden to write this study. He has given me a burden for seeing revival in our land and in our time, which is the purpose of this study. Not a week of meetings that soon is forgotten or isolated movements that soon fade, but a mighty moving of God’s powerful hand that spreads throughout the land capturing the glory of His splendor.  

Through my studies, I am fully convinced that God desires to move mightily upon the land. Jesus said in Matthew 5:15, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” God wants His glory to be seen. So what is the problem you might ask? We are. We have become so obsessed with “us” that we have not allowed God to be seen through us. We glory in the works and wisdom of man rather than standing in awe of the greatness of God. God’s heart is that His glory is seen by the world through us. However, we must get “us” out of the way.  

Volumes of books could be be written about the problems our churches are facing. Even the most spiritually blind can see them. However, this is not the purpose of this study.  

This study is about seeking the solution. In this study we will take a close look at II Chronicles 7:14 along with its biblical context.